Artist Statement

My art is a window for others to gain an insight of my home, using multiple dimensions and colors.

The earliest memory, I have of art can be traced back to sitting on the stairs of my parents’ restaurant and coloring my coloring books. Like many others, this would be my foray into the world of art. What separated me from the other kids was that instead of playing with toys or watching TV, I would choose to color and create. Art or more specifically coloring, brought me feelings of joy that other activities were not able to replicate. This was when I realized my passion for colors, and I began to dabble in creating new color combinations.

In order to express my emotions and visualize my thoughts, I use my graphic design and architecture background to evolve my paintings into my own style. Just as a honeybee will create honeycombs, as the shapes fit together perfectly, I create colorful game board-like paintings, in order to utilize the various spaces to insert clues about my life. Inspired by the photographs I've taken, photos collected by family, and online references, it takes the shape of a puzzle. Once complete, you can see the influence of my upbringing in Hong Kong in full display.

Instead of painting cityscapes of home, I am more focused on the creation of a piece that combines western and eastern art with patterns that demonstrate the cultural differences that have shaped who I am today.

My work can be considered a souvenir box, containing precious memories.